Press and Go Premium Oval Nail

Red Heart

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Application takes minutes. Just press on & go!

Easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove press-on gel nail requires no glue at all. Its patented dual-layer adhesive is so slim and comfortable, that the gel nails look & feel like your own.

Press & Go provides a super-strong hold, these nails can stay on for up to 1 week, depending on usage.

The manicure kit includes 30 nail tips in 12 different sizes, and 1 file

1. Clean nails with an alcohol pad (Don’t skip this step!)
2. Peel off the clear tab
3. Align the tab side of the nail with cuticles
4. Press firmly at the middle & sides of the nail

Tip #1: Always align tab side with cuticles and apply thumbnails last
Tip #2: If in between sizes, use the smaller size
Tip #3: If there is exposed adhesive under the nail, seal with clear nail polish
Tip #4: Nails can be gently filed to the desired length and shape 1 hour after application

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