Professional Pressing Comb

Achieve Perfectly Straight Root & Hair

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  • How to use


  • Perfect for lifting and straightening smooth hair
  • Designed for professional use only

1. Clean and dry hair thoroughly.

2. Turn ON and wait about 2 minutes for comb to heat up.

3. Test temperature with paper towel. Comb is too hot it scorches paper towel. If too hot, then turn comb OFF and allow comb to cool before re-using.

4. Section hair into equal amounts of about 1/2 the length and depth of the comb.

5. Hold sectional hair away from scalp. Comb hair outward, away from the scalp, holding hair tightly against the back of the comb.

6. When styling is complete, turn comb OFF. Unplug after each use.

7. To clean comb, make sure comb is unplugged and cool enough, then wipe using damp cloth.

8. Store in a safe location.

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