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Q. Where are your products sold?
You can find our products at your independently owned beauty supply store nationwide.
Q. Are your products available online?
Yes! You can find our products on wessentials.com or Amazon.com
Q. Do I need to bleach or lighten my hair for your semi-permanent hair dyes?
It is recommended that your hair is pre-lightened or bleached for our semi-permanent hair dyes to show up. For most of our Tintation semi-permanents, it is recommended that your hair is at least a level 5 for our darker shades. For lighter, fashion colors, it is recommended that your hair is at least a level 8, or light blonde to platinum.
Q. How long do your semi-permanent dyes last?
Depending on which of our semi-permanents you use, your results may vary. Your hair care routine will also affect how long the colors last.
  • Tintation – 8-12 washes
  • Express – up to 30 washes
  • Quick Cover – 8-12 washes
Q. How can I make my semi-permanent color last longer?
Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your color stays vibrant longer:
  • 1. Minimize the amount of shampooing can dramatically increase the longevity of your color
  • 2. When shampooing, use the cold water to wet and rinse your hair. Hot water strips color from your hair.
  • 3. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates tend to strip color.
  • 4. Avoid or minimize heat styling.
  • 5. Minimize swimming in the pool and the ocean.
  • 6. If you have leftover dye, mix it with your conditioner to deposit color every time you condition your hair.
Q. What is the Express – Crystal Clear (K00) and Tintation – Clear (T001) for?
Crystal Clear (K00) and Clear (T001) is a clear dye with no pigment. They will not change the color of your hair alone. When mixed with any of our semi-permanents, it helps dilute the color or make the color more pastel for endless, custom color mixing.
Q. Do your semi-permanents require developer?
No! Our semi-permanents are formulated to be used straight from the bottle.
Q. What is included in your Express Complete Hair Color Kits?
Our kits come with everything you need to bleach and color your hair at home! What’s included: semi-permanent dye, powder lightener, 40v crème developer, brush, mixing tray, plastic gloves, and instruction sheet.
Q. What is the Edge Fixer Glued?
Edge Fixer Glued is a water-based edge control designed to slick your baby hairs and edges for an all-day hold. It is available in 12 premium scents and 2 sizes (30mL and 100mL.
Q. What is the Color Change Shampoo?
Our Color Change Shampoo is an easy-to-use permanent hair dye that provides excellent gray coverage. It is available in Natural Black and Dark Brown.