All Mighty Bond

Lace Front Wig Bond of Your Dreams!

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This bond was developed to provide consumer a super strong and safe formula that will give them the hold yet protect their hair and edges when removed. This dreamy formula seamlessly melts onto lace and dries in a snap. The name says is all-it is an All Mighty Lace Bond!


  • Safe Formula
  • Invisible Look
  • Super Strong
  • No Flaking
  • Fast Drying



  • Instant drying, layers will take 20 seconds or less to fully dry
  • Super Strong that will not cause lifting between wear
  • Creamy texture to seamlessly glide during application
  • No odor and safe for sensitive skin
  • Safe formula, formulated without silicone, synthetic fragrances and dyes, parabens, and formaldehyde
  • Precision tip for precise and easy touch ups


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