Edge Fixer Hair Wax Stick Color

24HR Maximum Hold

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  • Fill in overplucked lace and refresh faded wig color
  • Slick your hair with Red by Kiss Edge Fixer Glued Hair Wax Stick
  • Infused with Biotin B7, our Hair Wax Stick helps thicken and strengthen edges and hair
  • Ideal for spiking, ponytails, twists, styling and sculpting edges
  • Long-lasting with maximum hold

2.7 oz. (76 g)

1. For slicked-back ponytails, tapered cuts, and sculpting edges, apply the stick directly on hair and edges.

2. For twists, rub a small amount of wax between fingertips and apply directly.

3. For blending weaves or wigs to tame flyaways, apply on the entire length of hair and/or roots.

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