Ombre Chrome Edge Brush

Soft & Sleek

  • Detail


  • Sterilized Bristle ensures you use the bacteria-free bristle on you hair. The bristles don't tug or scratch your skin.
  • RED by Kiss 3 in 1 Chrome Edge Brush is perfect for doing edges and laying hair down or use as a hairline brush. It’s also a great tool for dyeing fine hair
  • It is great for keeping the edges temples and hairs smooth, helping sculpt short unruly baby hairs near your hairline for a neat and polished look, arrange the messy edges and smooths edges for a polished finish
  • Perfect for defining and separating even the shortest hairs, the mini comb is great for bangs, hairlines, eyebrows, and lashes
  • RED by Kiss Chrome Edge Brush is perfect for all hair types and textures, ensuring you have a controlled and relaxed look for the important business meetings or special celebrations to make a relaxed look

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