Professional Cordless Trimmer – Matte Black (Charging Stand Included)

Diamond Like Carbon Coated Blade

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  • Precision Cutting with our cordless trimmer to achieve sharp, clean lines every time with, equipped with durable DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated blades for unparalleled cutting performance.
  • Our trimmer's advanced motor exceeds 7500 RPM, coupled with a 3V constant power supply, providing steady cutting speeds. This ensures optimal operation for precise and reliable results during every grooming session.
  • Our trimmer guarantees impeccably sharp lines and whisper-quiet operation, remaining below 75dB for a tranquil grooming experience that does not sacrifice performance.
  • Experience the freedom of our professional hair and beard trimmer, featuring a robust cordless design and USB-C fast charging. Enjoy up to 150 minutes of precise trimming with a single charge for seamless grooming anytime, anywhere. (Matte Black version includes a charging station.)
  • Ideal for both expert barbers and grooming aficionados, this trimmer offers versatile performance for every need. Expect high-quality results in professional settings and home grooming alike.

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