Pumice Rectangle Stone Normal Grit

Medium Grit

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  • KISS New York Pumice Rectangle Stone with medium grit exfoliates hard or dry skin to reveal healthy skin
  • Our pedicure Pumice Stone is designed to be used on feet, to instantly eliminate callus, for soft and beautiful feet
  • For best results, soften hard skin in warm water and gently scrub with a wet Pumice Stone. Finish with a layer of moisturizer
  • Rinse away dead skin cells on the stone and dry completely after each use
  • It only takes a few minutes to get rid of the dead skin on your feet, a durable Pumice Rectangle Stone can let you enjoy countless salon-quality pedicures at home. Just give your feet a spa

1. Keep out of the reach of children.

2. Stop using immediately if you feel pain or the skin becomes irritated.

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